Lu Jong Healing Yoga

Every Tuesday | 09.30-10.30 AM

@The Conscious Club

expanding body consciousness

With regular practice, you build greater physical strength and flexibility, you boost your immune system and you sharpen your senses.


Through Tibetan Yoga you will discover the healing power of being present, beyond your thinking-mind.

Lu Jong is beneficial for your health and happiness and makes you glow from the inside out!


practice tibetan yoga now!

Group class

tuesday 9.30-10.30 am

The conscious club

1 hour class // for all levels. 

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Reserve your mat at The Conscious Club.

Private session / coaching

60 minutes: €65,00 

90 minutes: €95,00

A private yoga session is very appropriate if you want to start with Lu Jong yoga or deepen and develop your practice.


Workshops / Events


Fritzi is passionate about hosting (yoga)workshops, retreats and events on the topic of Tibetan yoga and living a life of presence.



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"Working with the body is working with the mind."

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche


Fritzi Ponse

Certified Lu Jong teacher

+31(0)6 445 11 630



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