End of Summer 2020, Zouba Tours and I will ascent the Tibetan plateau to do one of our most exciting trips yet! 

We will blend our intimate knowledge of the Great Outdoors around the Genie Mountain in Litang with a daily practice of Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga.

During this 17-day Tibetan yoga and hiking adventure, we dive deep into Tibetan nature and ways of living to meet our own true nature. We find stillness, appreciation and inspiration through the ancient practice of Lu Jong Yoga that uses smooth movements of the body combined with rhythmic breathing to attain a deep harmony of body, mind and spirit.

What to expect?

  • Daily practice of Tibetan Yoga in stunning natural settings.

  • Visiting the former home of the 7th Dalai Lama.

  • Staying in a beautiful boutique hotels.

  • 5-Day hiking and camping in wild, untamed nature of the Genie Mountain area.

  • Lots of hearty Tibetan and Sichuan food

  • Crossing through villages on the 4000+ meter Tibetan plateau and visit places of natural and spiritual significance.

  • Meeting local lamas and nomad families. 

  • Expert expedition leader (Frank) and expert Tibetan yoga instructor (Fritzi).

  • Topnotch camping gear.

When you feel called to join this adventure, please click below for detailed program and bookings.


Few spots available!

— Agaath

"Bij deze yoga heb ik niet het gevoel dat ik mijn best moet doen maar dat ik juist heel goed kan luisteren naar mijn lichaam."

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